Indonesian Language Education and Literature

Indonesian Language Education and Literature  also known ILEaL (2502-2261) is a journal of research publication. The scopes of this research are Indonesian language and literature teaching, either as the first, second, or foreign language. The research can be conducted in elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, and/or university. The journal is regularly published on July and December in collaboration with the cooperation Asosiasi Dosen Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (ADOBSI) Ikatan Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (IKAPROBSI)  and Perkumpulan Pengelola Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia serta Pengajarannya (PPJB-SIP).

ILEaL is registered in Science and Technology Index (SINTA 2), Garba Rujukan Digital (Garuda), Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Reference (MORAREF), Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia (PNRI) or National Library of The Republic of Indonesia, and several indexing services with e-ISSN: 2502-2261

We receive articles in Indonesian. All the requirements and guidelines are available at Author Guidelines or downloaded at Template.



Call for Paper


JILEaL is a journal of Indonesian language and literature education. This journal publishes twice in a year. We receive articles related to: Indonesian language, Indonesian literature, and Indonesian teaching. The received article will be published in July or December.

Posted: 2023-05-14
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